Digital Magic Weddings
Why choose Digital Magic Weddings?
Our videos capture the sights and sounds of the moment, placing you back in time to relive it again and again. We know how important life memories are, and that is why we are embracing the opportunity to offer wedding packages you won't find elsewhere.  
At Digital Magic, we don't

 just make stunning video.

We make memories.

Even before the magic begins, we take the time necessary with you to ensure we masterfully create in digital form, your vision and dream: Every touching moment. Every key angle.

Afterall, your wedding is not a cookie cutter wedding. It's a one-of-a-kind, and we know that. Every Digital Magic Wedding reflects it.

Over 60 years combined

At Digital Magic Weddings, we don't just make stunning video. We make memories. We capture pieces of time, preserved digitally, so you can have them forever.

It's not just our business. It's our passion.

Digital Magic Weddings takes our high end corporate gear and skill, and elegantly blend it with the emotion and beauty of love to form a truly unique and compelling cinematic experience to be treasured forever. Whether yours is a simple back yard wedding or a 20 camera international event..

Make your wedding, a Magical Wedding!