Digital Magic Weddings

Digital Magic Add-Ons

Photo Montage Slideshow: Custom slideshow featuring a collection of your special photos to be used during your reception or on your wedding DVD.

Beauty Retouching: Our exclusive software heals skin blemishes in photos and even moving video!.

Custom Love Story: A Both touching and candid interview with wedding couple like seen on cable network television.

Reception Rover:  A Dedicated Camera operator roving the reception, interviewing the guests and capturing the best wishes and comments from reception attendees.

POV Camera: Adds a small camera to capture a specific point of view. These cameras can be hidden in various places that regular cameras cannot for very creative and unique shots

Remote Camera Crane & Operator: If you want a big-time Hollywood look, then opt for this. Adds a remote pan/tilt Jib(crane) for dramatic moving shots from floor level to 16ft high. From crowd shots, aisle walks, vows and more – nothing can beat a professional camera jib to give your wedding the cinematic look to wow all your friends.  

Remote Pole Camera/Operator: A low cost alternative to a remote camera jib. With this you get wide angle high shots via a much smaller remote pole camera. Though not as stunning as using a crane, you still get shots that will separate your wedding  from  your friends. 

Graphics/Animation Package: Put your wedding video in a class all it's own with exclusive graphics and animation packages that will wow all your friends and family! Ask for details and available options.

Blu-Ray Upgrade: Enjoy your wedding video in stunning HD!.

Aerial Flyover: Adds breathtaking aerial shots! Call for availability.

Add an Artistic Tone/Filter: Adds a filter (glow,tint, etc..) effect to give your video a custom look. Refer right  for examples.    


Our Slow Motion Fun Booth always provides good times!

We have hundreds of exclusive video filter effects to give your wedding a custom look. Here are some popular ones.